Government Schemes

Energy Efficient Measures

More and more energy efficiency methods are becoming available to consumers and you can introduce these methods to your home by signing up for one of the Government backed Green Deal & Affordable Warmth Schemes.

Now if you’re thinking what is the point in making changes to your home?

Just think about the money that you will save in the future. The Green Deal & Affordable Warmth Government Schemes have been created so that you can save money, so why not take advantage of it. The price of making your home energy efficient has drastically decreased over years, so products such as solar panels are now available to you without paying any money in addition to your normal electric and gas bills. Both Government Schemes are needed to make Britain more energy efficient. If the majority of households carry out these changes then the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released will be at an all time low. We all know that energy resources are slowly decreasing.

So what action can you take?

One of the easiest ways of making your home more energy efficient is to replace your old boiler. New energy efficient boilers save you money and will ensure that less harmful gasses are realised into the air. An energy efficient boiler is an easy method of decreasing the energy used in your home as the boiler controls water and gas levels. Another step you can consider is to add insulation within your home, this will mean that your house is warmer during the winter months and you won’t need to put your heaters on as much. On average, these small changes could save up to £600 a year.

Two other alternatives that you could consider are adding solar panels to your home or adding double glazed windows. All these are upgrades are available with the Green Deal or Affordable Warmth so contact Mercia Gas to see an officially registered Advisors and see what options you have.

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